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It is important for Chr. Olesen Synthesis A/S to protect and respect your privacy, when you are using our services. In our privacy policy below, you can read the terms for how we process your personal data and the rights you have when using our website.

Chr. Olesen Synthesis A/S has high standards and strict internal procedures to ensure your personal data in the best possible way.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at or +4536794500.

Our privacy policy is always to be found on this page and is updated whenever there are relevant changes.

Changes to previous versions
Version 1.0: No changes
Last updated: 12th of May 2018

Personal data is everything that can be used to identify a person even if you do not have all the information at the same time. Examples are Name, Address, Email and Phone Number, photo, IP Address and so on.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation – In Danish Databeskyttelsesforordningen) contains different variations of personal data, which ensures your privacy the best way possible.

Chr. Olesen Synthesis is a Danish manufacturer of APIs and advanced intermediates.
For this purpose, we collect personal data about you as a customer.
Below we describe what we collect, how it is done and what we do to protect your personal data and also what your rights are regarding our collection of your personal data.

Chr. Olesen Synthesis A/S collects the following personal data about you as a customer, supplier, trainee and applicant:

When purchasing our products, contact information is collected for use in quotation, invoicing/contract, etc.
Supplier: Contact information’s.
Trainee: Contact information’s, resume (CV), job application, social security number (CPR nr. – directed towards the Job center only).
Applicant: Contact information’s, resume (CV), job application, reference from previous jobs (only by your consent)

• Only collect and uses your personal data for the specific purposes. As a customer, supplier, trainee and as an applicant for positions in the company
• Update your personal data as soon as we become aware that they are incorrect

Delete personal data
We delete your personal data when they are no longer necessary for the purpose of our collection/processing. The period for when these are deleted may vary depending on the nature of the information, as well as the background for storage. Please keep in mind that we are to be sure Danish law are to be followed.

To make sure you know your rights, please read below
• You have the right to have incorrect personal data corrected
• You have the right to gain access to your personal data and receive a copy of it
• You have the right to get your personal data deleted – if it does not conflict with the law
• You are entitled to demand limitation
• You have the right to object to treatment of your personal data
• You have the right to revoke consent for us to use your personal data
• You are entitled to require information about transfer of your personal data to countries and organizations outside the EU/EEA
• You are entitled to avoid profiling
• You have the right to complain about our processing of your personal data
To know more about your rights, please contact us using the contact information’s at the bottom of this website.

Wish to complain?
We do everything we can to ensure that your personal data is processed safely and that your rights are protected optimally. Therefore, we regularly review our processes to make sure they follow the law.

If you believe that we do not treat your personal data accordance to the law, please feel free to contact us per email with the text “complaint” in the subject field – Send the email to

If you are still do satisfied, you have the opportunity to complain to the Danish supervision:
Borgergade 28
1300 Copenhagen K
Phone: 33 19 32 00

Chr. Olesen Synthesis A/S is committed to protecting your personal data – Because it is stated in the law and legislation, but also because our own internal and ethical rules require that we take good care of your personal data. The purpose is to ensure that your personal data is not used, destroyed, altered, published or otherwise misused without you knowing it.

That is why we use
• Internal rules on information security in connection with personal data
• Implementation of IT technical measurements

Chr. Olesen Synthesis A/S is data Controller (dataansvarlig) and it is our duty to make sure your personal data are being safe even when data processors (databehandlere) are used.

Data processors:
We use CloudWorkers as our IT provider to manage all of our internal as well as external IT-systems.

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